Landri’s 1st Rodeo!

Today we had quite a busy day! First we went to the hospital to meet one of Landri’s brand new second cousins, Emma Rae, born two days ago. Landri was too little to meet her just yet, but she had fun looking at some random baby through the nursery window (she seems to be into babies right now which could be promising). And little Emma is absolutely precious – I cannot believe we will have a newborn in a matter of days or weeks!  I forgot how small they are!

20Next we had brunch at my favorite restaurant (Green Vegetarian Cuisine at the Pearl) and then headed to the San Antonio Rodeo for Landri’s first time! She is now completely PASSED OUT – she had to have walked at least a mile, no joke, if not much more than that! We saw all kinds of animals – sheep, goats, pigs, cows, chickens, a coyote, bobcat, skunk, raccoon, fox, chicks, birds, and snakes! And we also saw dogs competing in a jumping into a pool of water contest. Landri had a blast every minute we were there! I thought the cows were her favorite but Scott thought she liked the pigs the best. She insisted on walking pretty much the whole time (as opposed to riding in her stroller). She did great though and wore herself out!!! She also liked all the stands selling rhinestones and shiny jewels (so at least we know she has some “girly” in her)!  Here are some pics – it’s almost impossible to get her looking at the camera, and it seems that I’m constantly chasing behind her trying to snap a photo so I apologize for the lack of frontal photos, LOL!

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