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16 months: Tantrums, Climbing, & More!

My goodness, 16 months.  That’s just insane.  And every time a month ticks by, we are one month closer to being parents of 2 kiddos!  Scary!  Landri was such an easy baby, such a great sleeper (still is)… I sure hope this one doesn’t vow to be the black sheep!  Eeek!  Yesterday was the 33 week mark, so officially 7 more weeks to go until our due date.  Hopefully this one won’t be almost 2 weeks late though like Landri!  We are measuring a tiny bit big (but nothing to be alarmed at), and we are still breech at this point.  Hopefully he will turn on his own before 37 weeks or we will get to manually attempt that!  I’m feeling good overall – just the normal late pregnancy complaints so I feel like I shouldn’t complain but I do and will (LOL): sleep is a long lost luxury due to discomfort, the back pain is horrific, and my cedar allergies make me almost suicidal and Zyrtek (the only thing I can really take) sucks and doesn’t do squat.  I am still hitting the pavement and go about 3 miles almost every day – some days I run 1, walk 2, or vice versa, and some days I still run all 3.  Just depends on how I feel.  My body completely dictates my exercise now – there is no “pushing myself” anymore which is so hard!  I live for that!  I still am visiting my yoga mat regularly too – although I have to modify a lot.  It does feel great to go, and I like that I can still put my hands flat on the floor in forward bend despite my belly.  I feel much more limber/open/healthy/refreshed/whole/energized/etc in this pregnancy. Could also be that the average temperature is somewhere around 40-50 degrees less though!  I am about to start my cleanse again – as well as another 30 day commitment to yoga which I’m very excited about.  It will help me stay on track to maintain the healthiest possible lifestyle these last few weeks when the hormones, cravings, and exhaustion will try to get the best of me!

So … what is Landri up to these days?  Well, in a word, she’s just crazy.  Most of the time she is a massive, energetic little ball of fun!  She goes a million miles an hour all day long and doesn’t stop (maybe briefly for a nap on the good days).  She never holds still, she’s never quiet.  She wants to play, run around, points at things, screeches, yells, talks, gets into things, and throws her toys all over the place.  She is discovering new things all the time and watching her little brain make connections and learn English is seriously the most amazing experience.  Human beings are incredible!!!  However, with all this fun, comes some terror though, I’m afraid.  I hope the rest of this paragraph doesn’t sound too negative – I don’t think she’s any different than many other toddlers, with their new found senses of independence, but it sure has been a wild ride lately!  As I have mentioned for several months now, when you tell her no, she gets pretty upset.  Being told no has always been high on her list of dislikes.  Well, we are lucky in that she still doesn’t realize that she COULD continue the unapproved behavior if she wanted to until we force her to stop (i.e. she still listens and stops the behavior on her own).  However, she has now perfected the GTT.  Gargantuan Temper Tantrum.  This is where she ends up rolling around the floor screaming her head off, pounding her arms and legs on the ground because I said no.  I try to ignore it so she learns I’m not going to respond, but man, it is challenging!  Especially in public and being so pregnant.  It’s hard to pick her up and drag her along while she’s collapsing herself on the ground refusing to cooperate or worse yet, flailing about like a fish on a hook!  And it seems like I always have something else in my arms, a huge diaper bag which makes it even more difficult to try to collect her and move along our “merry” way, and a bowling ball in my belly getting in the way.  She also does this thing where she somehow collapses her shoulder blades so you can’t even pick her up very easily (under her arms).  It makes me lose my mind.  Lastly, she has hit me a couple of times in the face and also pulled my hair.  Nice!  Love you too little girl!  I feel like we are really starting to learn what parenting is going to be about for the next several years, LOL!  And… I’m almost scared to even say this and put it in black and white, but we think that Landri has learned the word “no” as well.  We’ve heard her mutter it and say it kind of randomly here and there, and I know that we are probably just days away of hearing it used in a completely defiant manner during her awesome GTT’s.  Looking forward to that!  But, like I said, the GTT’s are just a small part of our day, and most of the time she is a very pleasant little energizer bunny!

So speaking of speaking, Landri is really, really trying to say things.  She understands soooo much, but still has a very limited list of words that she can say. Her newest ones are “kitty cat” which sounds like “tee taw” and “cookie” or “goo gaw.”  Every morning she wakes up asking for one and pretty much all day long too.  No, we don’t feed her cookies, yet she is obsessed.  We quiz her on what different animals say and she only cooperates and answers when she feels like it.  I’m trying to get it on video but of course, that’s when she decides to not play along.  Her answer for what a bear says is super cute.  I will keep trying though.  She seems to attempt to say words more often now which is encouraging.  I imagine that we are a month or two away from a whole ton of new words!

Landri had three new firsts that I can think of this past month: she took her first shower and really loves it (scares me too much to do it regularly though because I’m awkwardly shaped right now and I’m afraid she will fall), she went to her first swim meet (she really liked the bell they ring for the last 50 of the 500’s), and she also attended her first basketball game (she wanted to be on the court really badly!).  She also has a couple of new skills: climbing (she can get on the sofa and many other previously out of reach places, opening our lever door knobs (yay for the baby proofing and special locks!), and can also gargle milk (totally gross, I know).  Here’s a quick video of her climbing skills.  Please excuse her nakedness and full diaper.  http://youtu.be/gs46fNEmZFM  As you can see, we need to work on the dismount.

These days, Landri continues to “slim down,” although to strangers she is often still referred to as a “chunker.”  I am just impressed that she has an actual neck that is visible now.  She has 12 teeth, and I see 2-4 more that are right there, about to break through. Her bad breath still completely grosses me (is that my pregnancy nose I hope???), and we fight her every night to brush.  In the mornings I let her do it so you know that’s totally a useless brushing.  Her pig tails are growing, but still not long enough to be 100% (i.e. I just use the top of her hair in the longest part).  Her belly is probably my favorite.  And it looks just like mine!  Let me clarify though, my belly is definitely not my favorite part, haha!

Sitting in the fridgeOh and just to note some of her favorite things… she continues to enjoy finding Landri-sized places to sit (you may recall from a previous post – that was her favorite part of being at the zoo!).  Here she learns she can sit in the fridge.  It makes me CRAAAAAZY!    Basketball seems to be her favorite sport (see a picture of Daddy helping her dunk below).  She also really loves her baby dolls and feeding them pretend bottles.  And along the more girlie lines… Landri loves playing tea party!  Her great aunt and uncle got her a cute little tea set for Christmas and she just loves pouring tea for Mommy and Daddy and pretend drinking it!  It also came with little cakes and watching us pretend eat them just delights her so much!  And dancing still remains a huge, huge hobby of hers.  She has a few new moves these days too – will attempt to catch on video.  Another fun activity is playing “Oopsie Daisy.”  If you say “oopsie daisy,” Landri will purposely fall on her bottom.  She’ll bounce back up again on her feet, eagerly awaiting for you to say “ooopsie daisy” again so that she can fake fall down again.  Of course, getting it on film is hard.  I will keep trying though!  Scott is also trying to teach her how to play “Hot Hands.”  It’s pretty hard and she doesn’t really get it, but she laughs a lot.  It’s super cute!  Lastly, hand puppets are a big hit with Landri and she plays with them all the time!

Here’s what Scott has to say about the latest with the Lehnhoffs…

Scott Says…

M: What do you like the most about Landri right now?

S: Her Daddy chant (see previous post describing how she repeated chants his name in rhythmic fashion).

M: What do you like the least?

S: How she pretty much gets into everything.

M: What is her best skill currently?

S: Probably ballin’ out.

M: Please define “ballin’ out.”

S: She loves to play ball.

M: Like what do you mean?

S: She likes to play basketball, she likes to throw the ball…

M: What are you most looking forward to in her development?

S: More daddy love and expressions.

M: How are you feeling about the upcoming birth of your son?

S: I don’t know. I’m not looking forward to a whine-y, crying baby. Age zero through six months is not my favorite.

M: Nice. What are you most worried about?

S: When he doesn’t sleep well.

M: Why? You won’t get up!? And you sleep through everything.

S: I always get up!

M: Whatever!!!

And here are a couple of pictures for you!

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