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11 months: Sharp Teeth, Fire Breath, Naughty Landri & More!

Whoa. We are only one month away from one year.  So cliché to say, but holy crap, time goes fast.  And today for her 11 month birthday, we are buying Landri a new air conditioner, haha!  Seriously though, it will be nice to not have a 90+ degree downstairs. It’s been about a WEEK of that now and it’s getting very old.  Also for Landri’s 11 month birthday, we are buying her a Flea Bomb!  I have declared that our house has officially been infested by fleas and we are getting it treated tomorrow (since you have to leave for 4 hours after and we can’t do that today because the AC is being installed).  This morning I set Landri down, and before I knew it, her little white outfit was speckled with black fleas!!!!  NOOOOO!!!!  I cannot WAIT for tomorrow.  Apparently fleas can lay up to 25 eggs per day per flea, so I’m scared of how quickly this has gotten out of control.  I never thought I’d say this, but I almost wish that the exterminator was here now and the AC guys were coming tomorrow!   Oh well.  Next on the list will be to take Smoke to the vet to be treated as well since even after Scott’s special flea baths, Smoke still has fleas.  Poor buddy.  So much drama at the Lehnhoff house, it’s ridiculous!  So glad I’m not working – I have no idea how on earth I could get all of this done otherwise, especially since today is the first day of football practice and Scott is a little busy!

So how is the 11 month old?  Well, Landri is still quite a people watcher and party girl.  She just loves to hang out with people and in general, the more the better.  Kids, babies, adults, it doesn’t matter.  She’s down to hang out.  She is also a very busy girl.  Constantly exploring and on the move.

New skills: recognizing different things (birds, dogs, Daddy, Mommy, different toys), using straws (see video is earlier post), drinking out of the Camelback when hiking, tilting her head back on her own in order to more effectively drink her bottle or sippy cup, which speaking of, she has definitely mastered finally, bear crawling on occasion, standing, and taking small baby steps (see video in earlier post), indicating that walking is in our near future.  Oh and Landri likes to growl at you if you growl at her.  Scott likes to ask her if she’s a fire breathing dragon – it’s really cute and she smiles really big!

Things Landri really likes: playing with her friends Carter and Camille, dancing to music (kind of bounces her little bottom when kid music comes on), swimming, food, phones, remotes, iPads, Dino Train (according to Scott it is a TV show that she likes), exploring new things and places, sucking on wet washcloths in the bath tub, bath time, playing with toys, getting into stuff she’s not supposed to get into such as the pantry, toilet fishing, etc, petting Daddy’s bear rug (especially touching bear’s teeth), looking at all of Daddy’s deer mounts, pointing at the birds at the swimming pool, petting puppy dogs, making messes everywhere she goes (Hurricane Landri).

Things Landri really dislikes: getting face/nose/mouth wiped, holding still, being restrained, being told no, poopy diapers, strangers (especially men and the older they are, the scarier they are), when you take away the remote/phone/iPad from her, and getting hurt.

Our latest “Oops! Moments:”  We suspect Landri ate a blue/green crayon based on the mess in and around her mouth that we discovered the other night.  The next “Oops Moment” is a very bad one and happened at least twice.  Landri has grabbed knives out of dishwasher thus causing a new rule to be instituted (no knives in dishwasher anymore).  As Scott described it, “She was waving a Wusthoff around her head like a pirate.”  Terrifying.  Also one day we forgot her bottles when we took her over to her grandparents (I bet that was fun for them).

New Foods:  While Scotty doesn’t like to admit it, Landri is a vegan pacifist in training as she tried meat in a pouch and hated it.  Although to be fair, I think she had some bites of a hot dog last night and liked it.  Landri did try some pizza and liked it okay… although not really new to her, Landri still LOVES her daily green smoothie… she likes pretty much all fruit she has tried: kiwi, peaches, tangerines, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries.  She is also a pretty big fan of carbs: pasta, bread, tortillas…

Really the only new first that I can think of between 10 and 11 months was going to the zoo.  I think she really liked it.  She did a lot of pointing and grunting which I interpreted as enjoyment.

Naughty Landri made her first appearance yesterday, actually, when she chewed the heck out of her crib railing.  Now I’m really glad that I didn’t get the fancy expensive crib since she ruined it in one day!  See picture below of her damage.  I guess it was to be expected now that she has teeth on top and bottom too now.

What does Landri look like these days?  Landri’s two upper teeth are really starting to be noticeable (maybe a third of the way in), her body is still pretty chunky and roll-a-licious, her hair is really getting long on top and has officially filled in blonde in the back.  It’s also starting to get a slight curl at the tips.  Her skin is still pretty tan from going to the pool (excluding inside her rolls, which are ghost white).  Also, at any given point in time, Landri usually has at least one bruise of some sort from a self-inflicted injury.  Oh, and we still don’t see her neck very often.  When asked what Landri looks like these days, Scott replied, “Pretty.”  Awe, sweet Daddy.

Scott Says…

M: Alright.  How do you want to do “Scott Says” this month?

S: I don’t.

M: You have to do it. What is the scariest part about being Landri’s Dad?

S: How fast she is growing up.

M: What’s scary about that?

S: That she’s not going to be a little baby anymore.

M: I thought you’d say something about teenage years, boys, and revealing clothing.

S: We are a ways away from that. I’m not worried about that.

M: Are you going to be worried about it?

S: Of course.

M: What is your favorite thing about Landri?

S: When she recognizes me (which is true – everynight when he gets home she gets VERY excited – it’s adorable).

M: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened relating to Landri or parenthood for us?

S: I don’t know.

M:  Oh come on.

S: I don’t know.  I don’t know.  The funniest thing ever?  Probably when she belly laughs.

M: Yeah that’s pretty good.  But I thought you would say something about large poops or something.

S: That’s not funny.

M: Even that time in Louisiana at the fancy restaurant (see earlier post)?

S: That was funny.

M: What are you most looking forward to?

S: Her talking.

M: Can you elaborate?

S: No.

M: What else would you like to say about Landri?

S: That I love her very much.

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