Parental Confession: Mommy Daycare Alert!

Landri Sneaks a Green BeanJust a small Mommy Daycare Alert (and a quick follow up post to yesterday’s about the garden) – – Today I accidentally left the door open to the fridge and little Landri had crawled over, stood up, and started helping herself to Daddy’s green beans!  It was the chomp-chomp sound of her two little teeth on the bean that caught my attention!  Eek!  Choking hazard!!!  Glad she likes them though!  Maybe I will steam and puree them for her!

ScorpionAlso – I’m about to re-fire my exterminator (Scott).  No too far from where our little princess was chowing down on green beans, I found this guy just chillin! Not looking forward to the day where Landri gets tagged!

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