Boom Babba Boom!

Knee Dimple!Just a quick check-in to report that Miss Landri broke the big 2-0 today, weighing in at 20 lbs 3 oz!  Can you guess what today’s featured body part is?  Yes, that would be a knee and her knee dimple.  Impressive, huh?

Also just a quick update – the cleanse is AMAZING and LIFE CHANGING.  I cannot wait to post my large summary upon the completion of the three weeks.  I will go more in depth about it.  However, many of you have been asking me, “So… how is Scott doing with all this?”  I decided that with everyone wanting to know, maybe I should just ask him.  Silly me has been giving out false information, thinking he was enjoying having a personal chef!  Here was how that lousy convo went, haha!

M:  It is day fifteen. How are you doing with the cleanse?

S:  I eat fried chicken for lunch every day and tacos every morning. I’d say I’m not doing the cleanse.

M: What do you do for dinners?

S: I’m forced into eating this crap.

M: Why are you calling it crap? You liked a lot of it!

S: It’s the whole principle.

M: What do you mean?

S: I’m not interviewing <laughing>.

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