Another (mini) Photo Shoot!

On the day of our famous bluebonnet shoot <see previous post,> I was in quite the photography mood and resolved to continue my project at Guadalupe State Park.  I originally went there in search of more bluebonnets, but quickly decided that the beautiful river was a gorgeous backdrop for photos as well.  Again, getting eye contact with Landri was nearly impossible, especially on her second photo shoot of the day.  This time she was obsessed with stuffing smooth river pebbles into her fat little cheeks.  Unlike bluebonnets, pebbles do not digest well, so it was quite a challenge keeping her tummy rock-free but I somehow managed and again, got a couple keepers.  Here are the best photos from our time together at our favorite Texas state park (slideshow).  I love the tree one even though it’s mid-meltdown.


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