DDA (Daddy Daycare Alert)!

I love Daddy Daycare Alerts.  They totally crack me up and from what my mom-friends tell me, they bring back precious memories for them about their baby daddies.  One day Scott will look back at this blog and laugh hopefully!  I don’t mean to make fun of him at all – I just enjoy documenting the different learning curve that men seem to follow when it comes to babies!  It’s funny because as soon as does something dumb (for lack of a better word), he starts freaking out because he knows he has just given me more DDA gold, hahaha!  In all seriousness though, he is a phenomenal dad and there’s nothing better than watching him interact with his baby girl.  It’s quite adorable.

So… when we give Landri a bath, we always run the water all the way on hot to warm it up before then making it cooler to the appropriate temperature to fill her baby bath tub (that rests on/in the kitchen sink).  Yes, you know where I’m going with this.  Do I even need to write the end of the story?

Sadly, Scott forgot to turn the heat on the water down and filled up her tub with very hot water.

And then sadly, he didn’t test it with his hand.

And then sadly, he put Landri into the baby lobster pot.

And then sadly, she let him know that it was WAY too hot.  Poor girl. Thankfully our water heater is at a safe setting and it was just her feet (like I said, she let him know immediately) so she is just fine.

And while we’re still on the topic of baths and DDA’s… after washing Landri, we drain her tub and then rinse her off with the detachable sink sprayer.  Well, one night Scott missed one of the two verbs in the previous sentence: drain.  So Scott started rinsing her off with the sprayer.  It wasn’t until water was spilling over all sides of the tub and Landri was up to her chin in water that he realized he forgot to let the bath water out first.  Thank goodness the tub wall walls aren’t any higher!  Landri would have learned to swim!  But, considering that he accidentally dunked her underwater already in the bath when she was a newborn, maybe it wouldn’t have been such a big surprise to her this time, LOL!

Look how sweet they are together!  Heart melting!

Landri & Daddy 1

Landri & Daddy 2

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