Spring Break Bikini’s!

Now that we have a baby, we didn’t run off anywhere exotic for Spring Break this year.  Instead we took our little munchkin for her first camping trip with some close friends and their kids.  I can’t say that a pina colada on a tropical beach somewhere doesn’t sound amazing, but I will say that our fresh grilled dinner and home made breakfast tacos over a pretty Texas sunset and sunrise were definitely not too shabby!  Scott and I love the outdoors and hope that Landri will too.  As far as camping went, Landri unfortunately had the worst night of her life – since birth – and screamed bloody murder most of the night.  Oh well, you can’t always have a perfect baby, LOL!  We still had a fantastic time and I can’t wait to do it again!

So since we didn’t get to the beach this year, I thought you all might enjoy seeing Landri in all her rolls of glory in her bikini!

Bikini 1 - 6 months Bikini 2 - 6 months Bikini 3 - 6 months

2 thoughts on “Spring Break Bikini’s!

  1. OMG! Landri please don’t hold these pictures against your Mom someday! She is really a very nice person who takes very good care of you. Luv, Gendy

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