Landri’s Latest New Talent!

Question: What’s cooler than a baby smiling at you?
Answer: A baby laughing at you!

The other day Landri finally REALLY learned how to laugh and it was probably one of the most awesome moments since she was born. I don’t even know how I discovered it and sadly no one else was around to witness it, but at least I captured it on video. I think I wondered what she would do if I sort of snuck up on her and surprise cackled/laughed really loudly. And voila! She was a huge fan, giggling like mad! It drove the dog nuts though, kind of funny. Later that day after her nap, I tried again, excited to hear her laughter and to my dismay, she got VERY upset with me. Instead of laughing, she bawled her head off. So weird that now she hates my surprise cackle when hours earlier it seemed to be the highlight of her life! In any event, I’m glad I at least captured it on video that one time so people will believe me, haha! And I can’t wait to figure out another way to make her laugh!

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