Baby Related Injury

I’m still trying to play catch-up on my blogging over the last month or two and have been meaning to tell you all about my latest baby injury that isn’t birthing related fun.  So yeah…great athletes can suffer from Tennis Elbow…Turf Toe…or even Swimmer’s Ear… you know, sports related injuries. Well, in my new occupation as a mom, I felt that I was suffering from what I call “Baby Wrist.”  I think I mentioned it once before – very intense pain in the base of my thumb where it meets my wrist.   And by the time Landri was three months old, I just couldn’t take it anymore and headed to the orthopedist to get it checked out.   I felt a little embarrassed… ‘Hi. My wrist hurts a lot … from holding my baby.”  But to my surprise, “Baby Wrist” is REAL (yes, Google it)!  It’s also known as de Quervain’s tendonitis basically.  So after a steroid injection and three days’ time, my wrist was completely pain-free!  No one ever warned me about Baby Wrist so for all those future moms out there, don’t be surprised when it happens to you!

Toodles – little Munchkin is stirring from her afternoon nap!  Here is a picture of her from the other night that makes me laugh!  Sweet hair, right?

Landri 4.5 months


One thought on “Baby Related Injury

  1. That funny and adorable at the sametime I wish I could meet and with her she must be so much fun too play with my son Robert love at play mate Jacob still too little enteract with

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